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An extra point of sale for all!

Our single sheets of 6 stickers are the perfect grab-n-go countertop sale for any retailer!

Golf Courses

Make it easier for your golfers to stay protected when they hit the green. By placing Flick Off at the check-in, you will be adding an extra sale to almost every tee time. Great to sell on the beverage cart too! 

Summer Camps

Whether they forgot their repellent at home, or just hate putting it on, Flick Off is the safest and most convenient way to keep those little campers protected from bites all summer long!

Corner Stores

If you're in the country, near a lake, or in the middle of downtown, having Flick Off on hand will have your customers thanking you for keeping them protected at the last minute. Nothing like an added sale while you ring up their snacks!


Flick Off is the item your campers didn't know they needed! Having our stickers at the check-in counter will make sure your guests remain happy while in your care.

Outdoor Workers

Working during the summer while others are on vacation is already a drag, don't let mosquitos add to annoyance! Make sure to get Flick Off for your outdoor staff to keep the productivity up, and the bites down.

Patio Bars

You don't want your customers rushing out before they've had all they can to eat and drink just because of some mosquitos. You also don't want any toxic chemicals lingering around the food. Flick Off is the perfect solution to keeping your guests satisfied and sticking around!

The retail opportunities are endless

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