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The Tale of the Tasty Blood

Long ago (30-some years) a baby girl was born with blood so unique, every mosquito to ever exist wanted a taste. Throughout her life, this little girl could never understand why all the mosquitos at a barbecue would flock to her instead of the fifty other people offering their nectar. Eventually, she got used to the bug-bitten-body she acquired every summer. However, during a stint living in Central America, her blood truly betrayed her. Looking like she had the chickenpox, she developed dengue fever from the bites. Enough was enough. Upon returning to her native Alberta, Canada - mosquito capital of the world - she discovered something that would change her life forever. 


The now grown-up-girl found a mosquito repellent sticker so powerful that not one of her little flying friends dared to come near. It was a summer for the books! She picnicked and tanned and golfed in peace! She knew she had to share with every other sweet-blooded person she could. 


Flick Off is a perfect representation of the grown girl’s lifestyle: au naturel (made with a blend of essential oils), easy [going] to pack and loves to travel, and a must-have at any outdoor activity (she’s super fun at a party).


This now-biteless girl encourages you all to follow in her steps, and live life with no pests!

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